What Size Pressure Washer for 2 Story House? Buying Guide

Outdoor cleaning necessitates the use of pressure washers, which have proven to be quite effective at removing dust, muck, and dirt from a variety of surfaces, including buildings and automobiles. It is because of their simplicity that they are so popular; but, as with other household appliances, there are many distinct versions available on the market today. Now let’s move on the subject matter that is What size pressure washer for 2 story house.

Well, cleanliness is a critical action that requires immediate attention; otherwise, airborne and pests that lie in the dirt will flourish. In order to restore your siding to its original and attractive appearance, you will need to undertake a complete cleaning with the appropriate washing machines, which you can do with the help of the internet.

The accumulation of dirt in your home gives it a soiled appearance, which serves as an excellent breeding ground for bugs and other parasites such as mites to thrive. Nonetheless, it will take a significant amount of time to do a thorough washing with hosepipes, dusting, and scrubbing, and you will not be able to avoid backaches as a result.

The fact is that not all pressure washers are effective when pressure cleaning a multi-level structure, which means you must examine a variety of pressure washers to determine what size pressure washer for 2 story house is best for your needs.

It is recommended that you avoid using a low PSI pressure washer on two-story homes since you will be able to clean all surfaces with the exception of vinyl or brick siding on the upper floors of the house. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best pressure washer for your needs.

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What Size Pressure Washer for 2 Story House?

It is necessary to have power pressure that is the “right-size” in order to clean a two-story house thoroughly. Washing a two-story house is a difficult task; thus, a gas-powered pressure washer with a heavy-duty motor is the most appropriate choice for this task.

High gas pressure combined with a high GPM rate results in a high flow rate, which increases the speed at which you can do your laundry. These high-pressure washers have a maximum pressure of 2800 PSI and a flow rate of 3-4 GPM. Electronic power pressures can also be used to wash clothes, but it will take a little longer to accomplish your task with them. Cleaning a two-story house is an energy-intensive chore that can only be completed efficiently with the help of a heavy-duty, gas-powered pressure washer with a high water pressure.

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Step by Step Guide for washing a 2 Story House with Pressure Washer

To complete a satisfying process of washing with a pressure washer, carefully follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step No. 1

To begin, make certain that all of the doors and windows are closed. This procedure will ensure that your electronic gadgets and other furniture will not be splashed with water while you are working.

Step No. 2

Prevent your plants from growing in the surrounding area. The aim of pressure washing is not for your garden shrubs and plants to become drenched in the cleaning solution after being exposed to it. As a result, it is recommended that a plastic covering be placed above them.

Step No. 3.

Yark the cleaning solution you’ve chosen. Make sure to prepare your cleaning solution by combining three parts water with one part bleach to obtain an amazing detergent solution for your home. This cleaning solution should be placed into a holding tank for storage.

Step No. 4

Assemble the various parts of your pressure washer in the proper order. To use your pressure washer, you will need to connect the end of your garden hose line to the input of your pressure washer, which is located in your water supply tank. Afterwards, make certain that the hose tubing that links a pressure washer to a spraying gun is properly linked to the pump outlet. Due to the fact that you are washing a two-story residence, you will require an extension wand. Consequently, connect your extension wand to your spray gun and the surface cleaner from your pressure washer to the terminal of your extension wand.

Step No. 5

Last but not least, turn on your pressure washer and get to work cleaning. Cleaning, on the other hand, should be done in a systematic manner, starting from the top and working your way down to avoid dirt and grime from marring your recently cleaned surfaces.

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Tips for Pressure Washing the Different Types of House Siding

For the most part, the only difference between different types of home siding is the type of soap you use to clean it. As a result, special detergents should be used to clean each type of siding to ensure that it is properly cleaned. Keep the following points in mind before pressure washing your home’s exterior siding:

  • Vinyl siding: Prior to pressure washing, make necessary repairs to any damaged vinyl siding. Avoid overlapping the panels where they intersect, such as at the corners of a room or the frames of windows.
  • Aluminum: Whenever possible, avoid angling the power spray up beneath the panel overlaps.
  • Cement: Before you begin, do any necessary repairs to the damaged parts of the fibre cement.
  • Wooden: If any wood panels are broken or damaged, repair or replace them as soon as possible, and make sure the surface is damp before applying detergent.
  • Stucco: Before washing the stucco siding, make sure that any chips or cracks are repaired. Maintain a 2-foot distance between the surface and the pressure washer, and use a 25- or 40-degree nozzle to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Brick and stone siding: Before you begin cleaning your brick and stone siding, patch and mend any damaged seams that have occurred over time. Before beginning, sprinkle the brick with a small amount of water from the garden hose to ensure that the detergent does not penetrate deeply into the brick.

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With the information provided above, we have reached the conclusion of this post. The best technique for cleaning a two-story house, the best pressure washer for cleaning a two-story house, and the step-by-step procedures for pressure washing a 2 story house have all been discussed in detail. We will continue to address these topics in the future.

Pressure washers with strong cleaning power are ideal for washing the siding of a house because of their high cleaning capacity. The power cable, unfortunately, is one of the reasons why an electric power washer might not be the best choice for such cleaning tasks. We hope that you have got enough knowledge of What size pressure washer for 2 story house. More details on Pressure Washers! Now, best of luck!

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